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Usually, when I begin a project, the walls, floors, or cabinets are ready to receive my art, finishes, or refinishing.  There are times, though, when you need help getting to that point.  My experience, skills, and resources can help you get there, and there is no charge for a consultation.

Dallas bedroom, before

The recently purchased Lake Highlands, Dallas home had had the required termite "inspection", but, while stripping the old popcorn ceiling texture and the layers of wallpaper, texture, and paint, I found signs of termites.  On stripping the sheetrock from the damaged areas, I found live termites and extensive damage.  The studs in two corners were eaten through.

After a proper inspection and treatment by a new pest control company, I reran the wiring, replaced the damaged framing, reinsulated, hung and taped and floated new sheetrock.  New carpet, texture, paint, and molding did wonders for the room.

Dallas bedroom, after

Dallas kitchen, first day

The heavy enclosure for the fluorescent lights over the island shrank and dated the kitchen, as did the cabinet doors, finish, and hardware, and the popcorn ceiling texture.  We replaced the wood floors with tile, put in new cabinet doors, some with glass, finished the cabinets in dark rich rosewood, added a small wall to enclose the refrigerator and freezer, changed the lighting, painted the walls and trim, and... 

Dallas kitchen, complete