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The canvas can do miracles

Oil on canvas group with faux niche backround, Sugar Land

Oils on Canvas, Eagle Springs

Oil on Canvas, Eagle Springs

Peacock,  Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas, Eagle Springs

Latex on Canvas, Dallas

Acrylic on canvas, Dallas

Oil on canvas over fireplace and acrylic on canvas opposite

Painting that acrylic on canvas

It goes without saying that my murals and finishes are tuned to the space they occupy; composition and color and shading all tuned to be harmonious with the rooms' dimensions, lighting, colors, and furnishings.

Commissioned canvases can be created in the same way.

For larger paintings, and those with non-stock dimensions, I have always stretched my own canvases, and, increasingly, stretch and prime even smaller ones. We are not limited to stock canvas sizes or even shapes. There is something to be said for developing such an early relationship with a painting, something almost ceremonial in aligning the stretchers and canvas, caressing the fabric around the stretchers, a tack here, then there, and so it goes...

You and I can discuss your painting, and create a miniature of it to view just how it will look in the space.

Circumstances allowing, we can even paint the canvas in the location where it will hang, tuning it precisely to that location's light sources, wall and furnishing colors, and quirks of reflection and shadow. We can see it respond as the day passes, as morning light increases and warms, as the day passes, as twilight approaches and ambient light cools and fades.

It's no accident that so much of my work involves the sea, the Gulf especially, and nautical subjects.  That's always been a love for me.

Bounty, nearing Pitcairn

September Storm

Lightning Whelk



Bar Scene