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The canvas can do miracles

Details of astronomy mural in Eagle Springs boy's room

Color and art add interest to any space.

Art gives a baby's eyes a focus beyond the crib, can reinforce a child's interests and hobbies, and can contribute to an atmosphere that stimulates imagination, exploration, learning and creativity.  A large part of my efforts puts an accent on kids.

The May, 2005 issue of Houston Intown Magazine featured a mural that I had done in the Houston Heights

When the family moved to another home a few blocks away, they had me recreate the mural, plus...

birds, butterflies, and...

some other touches...

cat and mouse games...

and friends of the family



Camouflage abstract in Walden boy's bath

Indian princess in detail of mural in Eagle Springs girl's room

Rocket ship

Space theme in boy's nursery and bath in Walden

Planets and stars and aliens

Little green men in flying saucer

Cloud ceiling in girl's shower

Monkey theme and stripe in Atascocita boy's nursery

Giraffe pattern toy box

Tree as growth chart in Walden home

Baseball theme in boy's room

Fishing and frog theme over two glazes in boy's bedroom and bath

Kingwood girls' space

Detail from Royal Oaks mural

Portion of jungle mural in Panorama Village home

Detail of Pooh mural and border

Cow, detail of mural in child's room

Clouds and angels in Tomball girls' rooms

Light switch angel

Cloud detail

Light switch angel

Cloud detail

Fairy in northeast Houston girl's room

Detail from mural in Kingwood girl's room

With some inexpensive, child-safe materials and a little supervision, children can be given a wonderful opportuntiy to entertain and express themselves.  Let me help you turn your child's next party into an art party.

We didn't have much time to get the centerpieces and some incidental items ready for the "big city" themed high school graduation party for the client's nephew, but an afternoon spent with some foamcore, stencil plastic, and spray paint did the job.